In the Community | A Case Study

Hearts and Hope - Empowering Underserved Seniors and Disabled Adults


At our elder law office, our commitment extends beyond providing legal services to seniors. We firmly believe in giving back to the community we serve. In this community spotlight, we present the nonprofit organization "Hearts and Hope," which aligns with our mission to support and empower underserved seniors and disabled adults in our community.

The Solution:

Through the generous sponsorships and donations received, Hearts and Hope has been able to make a tangible difference in the lives of underserved seniors and disabled adults within our community. By collaborating with local service providers, community organizations, and volunteers, Hearts and Hope offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to address each individual's unique needs. These services include:

  1. Accessible Healthcare:

- Hearts and Hope partner with medical professionals to provide free or affordable medical check-ups, prescription assistance, and specialized care for seniors and disabled adults.

  1. Stable Housing:

- Hearts and Hope works with local housing agencies and shelters to secure safe and affordable housing options for those in need. This includes assisting with rental subsidies, home repairs, and relocation assistance.

  1. Transportation Services:

- Hearts and Hope organizes a network of volunteers to provide transportation assistance to medical appointments, grocery shopping, and other essential errands.

  1. Mental Health Support:

- Hearts and Hope partners with mental health professionals to offer counseling and therapy services, addressing the emotional well-being of seniors and disabled adults.

The Challenge:

Many seniors and disabled adults within our community face significant challenges related to basic necessities and essential services. The lack of access to healthcare, suitable housing, and legal support further exacerbates their difficulties. Hearts and Hope seeks to bridge these gaps and provide a lifeline to those struggling to meet their daily needs.

Impact & Results:

Since its inception, Hearts and Hope has made a significant impact on the lives of countless seniors and disabled adults within our community. By investing in their well-being and empowering them with the necessary support, Hearts and Hope has:

  1. Provided regular nutritious meals to over 500 seniors, reducing food insecurity and promoting better health outcomes.
  1. Assisted over 200 individuals in accessing affordable and suitable housing, promoting stability and dignity.
  1. Helped seniors and disabled adults secure essential legal documents, ensuring their rights and protecting their interests.
  1. Transported over 300 individuals to crucial medical appointments, enabling them to access necessary healthcare services.
  1. Provided counseling and therapy services to 150 individuals, improving overall mental well-being and emotional resilience.


Hearts and Hope, with the support of our generous community, continues to uplift the lives of underserved seniors and disabled adults. By addressing their immediate needs and creating pathways to a brighter future, this program embodies our commitment to giving back. We are proud to highlight Hearts and Hope as part of our community spotlight, showcasing the positive changes they are making in the lives of those most in need within our community.

Hearts and Hope 2023: A Gathering in Music, Love, and Friendship

Tampa Bay Music News joyfully recounts the immense success of Hearts and Hope 2023, a hallmark event in Pinellas County dedicated to seniors' care. The event, captured beautifully by Chaz D Photography, saw the community come together in an unforgettable show of music, love, and friendship.

The concert, a brainchild of Sheri Gruden, blends her love for music with a passion for aiding seniors and disabled adults. The inspiration stems from her late husband, Steve Gruden, a beloved rock singer and songwriter. Steve's tragic passing in 1994 at just 29 left a void filled today by this compassionate event. The Tampa music community annually unites at this concert to honor Steve's memory and legacy.

This year's gathering on March 26th at Bayboro Brewing featured an impressive lineup, including Stormbringer, Brother Brownlow, Push Button Rocket, The Hazies, Sarah Diamond & the Soul Miners, and many more. The event spotlighted local talent like Janelle Sadler, The Allen Carman Project with Gumbi Ortiz, and others, drawing a diverse crowd.

The remarkable event raised over $24,000 in a single day, directly benefiting the care of seniors and disabled adults in our community. Sheri Gruden, in a heartfelt interview with ABC-TV Action News, shared her belief in Steve's enduring influence and pride in the event's impact.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported this cause. Your contributions make a significant difference. We eagerly await the next Hearts and Hope event!