Attend a Seminar on Medicaid Planning

We frequently present in-person seminars and online webinars. A seminar presented by elder law attorney Sean W. Scott on Medicaid planning and asset preservation can be a life-changing and financially beneficial event for families facing the challenges of paying for long-term care, such as nursing home costs.

Why you should attend a seminar?

Educational Empowerment:

Understanding Medicaid Eligibility: Get the facts. The seminar provides in-depth information on Medicaid eligibility criteria, including income and asset limits. Attendees learn what is considered “countable” and “exempt” assets, gaining clarity on how Medicaid assesses their financial situation. Medicaid Planning Strategies: Elder law attorney Sean W. Scott discusses various Medicaid planning strategies, such as the use of spend-down tactics, asset conversion strategies, and the importance of well-spouse protections. Families discover how to protect their assets while qualifying for Medicaid.

Early Planning Opportunities:

Recognizing the Need for Early Planning: The seminar emphasizes the importance of early planning. Families learn that Medicaid planning is most effective when initiated well before the need for long-term care arises. Attendees are encouraged to start planning as soon as possible to safeguard their life savings. Avoiding Costly Mistakes: The attorney highlights the potential pitfalls of asset transfers and gifts that could trigger penalty periods. Families gain insights into the consequences of making ill-informed financial decisions and how to avoid costly mistakes

Individualized Guidance:

Consultations and Personalized Advice: After the seminar, attendees have the opportunity to schedule individual no-cost consultations with our office. During these sessions, we can provide personalized guidance based on each family’s unique financial situation, ensuring that their planning aligns with their specific needs and goals.

Peace of Mind:

Reducing Financial Stress: Families who attend the seminar gain a sense of control and confidence in their ability to protect their life savings. They will no longer feel overwhelmed by the financial burden of long-term care and are more prepared to handle the challenges that may arise in the future. Family Legacy Preservation: By implementing Medicaid planning strategies learned at the seminar, families can safeguard their assets, ensuring that they have funds available for their care and preserving a legacy for their heirs. Our seminars on Medicaid planning and asset preservation, presented by Sean W. Scott, an experienced elder law attorney, can be a life-saving event for families. It empowers them with knowledge, early planning opportunities, individualized guidance, and strategies to protect their life savings, reducing financial stress and preserving their financial legacy for future generations. It equips families with the tools they need to navigate the complex landscape of long-term care financing successfully. Click here for upcoming live and virtual seminars.